Superior Design

Light weight, strong, and a density between a lacrosse ball and tennis ball. This roller combines mobility with durability that has no comparison.

Don’t Smash…Massage

Its curvatures and massaging feel from the grooves provide a comfortable fascia roll, without squishing sensitive parts like the bony aspects of the spine.


Whether it is your calf, hip flexors, glutes, triceps, feet, or back, T-Pin has an edge or groove that maximizes the benefits of rolling while minimizng irritation.

Tom Naro, Owner / Doctor of Physical Therapy: Coppola Physical Therapy

The T-PiN! roller is the “Swiss Army Knife” of muscle therapy rollers. I use it myself, and in my practice, and we recommend it to our patients in all of our clinic
locations. . . . this tool is unparalleled by other mobility/recovery equipment on the market.

Mark Denitto

Creator of T-Pin Vector

Compete in enough tri-athalons and you learn a thing or two about taking care of your body. Mark wasn’t happy with the roller options out there so instead of complaining, he got to innovating. Starting with hand making over 4,000 rollers in his basement, Mark eventually took his creation to the next level, demonstrating what perseverance and passion can create.

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Scott Caulfield, Director of National Strength & Conditioning Association

Our coaches and athletes like the T-PiN! roller a lot! Great feel! Great design!


Whether you are a triathlete, runner, weekend warrior, or just someone looking for a phenomenal roller, combining vibration therapy and fascia release is the way to go. Check out this combo offer from Biomechanikits!

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Unmatched Versatility

Check out this video to see everything that this roller can do. Light weight, compact, and with so many functions, you will be taking this roller everywhere!

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