In Competition

From baseball to ballet to basketball, if ideal body mechanics are wearing down, posture pals will build you up. All while allowing 100% range of motion.

At the Gym

90%+ of people will experience back or neck pain throughout the year. Pills and potions are masking the issue. Reduce fatigue and reinforce good posture with this pre-cut, designed around how the body should work.

On the Job

Headaches, achy neck muscles, and strained backs are all too familiar to the 40 hour work week. Whether you work at a desk or in construction, posture pals puts you in the best position for a great day on the job.

The Perfect compliment to postural retraining

Posture Pals alone is going to fix bad posture but combined with excellent clinical care, those experiencing neck and back pain stand a much better chance of coming out feeling, looking,
and moving better on the other end.

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Posture Pack



The Perfect “Posture Pack” for your Patients

Combining BakPhysio and PosturePals products you create the ultimate “Posture Pack.” This in-clinic retail system is designed to provide complimentary products to your treatment strategies at home. All are easy to use and provide continued benefit to “mobilize” tight tissues then create appropriate “motor learning” through reducing work-load through postural muscles while correcting position.