Straighten up and stretch

PremiumGym offers a safe, practical way to get your body up and going. This arm supported system allows you to stretch like you have never been able to before. Can’t fix you back in a single day but PremiumGym gives you the support and 100% range of motion needed to get you moving in the right direction

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Hit the Hard Spots

Whether its that little spot in the middle of your back, the stiffness in the neck, or needing to roll out the entire thing, these mobility products are perfect for those tight areas.

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Your Back Buddy is Here

Rough part about good posture is it takes a lot out of you. Not anymore! Posture Pals provide the biomechanical support where you need it, when you need it most! This strong recoiling elastic tape, powered by the technology of Dynamic Tape, is easy to apply and allows 100% range of motion while being supported most when you are your weakest.

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