Instant Relief

VibraCool® instantly relieves pain by activating your body's natural pain inhibiting response. This physiological reaction is called Gate Control.
Whether you are a top athlete, weekend warrior, or having aches and pains working on the computer VibraCool offers the right pain control at the right time…..every time. Check out this video to see everything VibraCool can do for you.

Healing and Fast Recovery

Vibration increases blood flow which stimulates healing. By reducing pain and decreasing healing times, VibraCool® gets you back in the game faster.


Benefits of VibraCool
- Pain relief in golf wrist, tennis elbow, bowling strain pain
- Relief in swelling.Relief in injuries
- Prevention from onset of muscle soreness
- Prevents pain from bee sting, injections, IVs etc
- Increasing blood circulation



VibraCool Vibration and Ice Therapy is clinically proven to temporarily relieve muscle aches and injuries on contact. Two physiologic pain relievers --high-frequency vibration and ice -- combine to combat pain.