Trace 3D Running System

The creators of Trace 3D know that technology doesn’t change the lives of patients, it is the intelligent, motivated, and compassionate clinicians that make this happen. Every Trace 3D unit comes with TWO FREE seats in any of there upcoming education seminars. This $1900 value demonstrates their commitment to making an impact in runners lives.


No need for dedicated lab space, get 3D capabilities in almost any location. 
With the ability to pick up and go, Trace 3D’s exceptional quality and accurate information is only enhanced more by its portability. Take Trace 3D anywhere!

This system, just like many clinicians out there, is on the go! Pack it up, take it to another location, and set up in 20 minutes. Trace 3D offers the high quality expertise of fixed systems combined with the portability to take it anywhere.


Trace 3D is the brain child of two physical therapists, both passionate about treating runners. Every part of the system, assessment, and process was thought out over years of experience with runners and the insight to bring their knowledge to clinicians everywhere.

The Trace 3D system can do so much to assess and progress runners. With quality images and accurate data, now you will have the tools to provide the best information to your long distance runners without all the hassle of crunching numbers.