T-Pin Vector Roller

Experience the unique design (patent pending) that utilizes the healing texture of tightly spooled rope to release your myo-fascial adhesions (knots!). Our ingenious 'double-bubble' core made of high-impact, high performance microcellular foam, with lightweight, translucent urethane wheels has a way of honing in on your trigger points like no other roller on the market. 
The unique, ergonomic design of the "Vector" allows for a safer, more effective body rolling experience by allowing the user to address tender or hard to reach areas such as erector spinae, rhomboids, TFL, and other areas from head-to-toe. All with ONE portable tool.
Endorsed by chiropractors; physical therapists; and massage therapists alike: Trigger-Pin will find and eliminate your trigger points safely and effectively in half the time it takes foam rollers.

Full-body Relief

  1. Functional--from your feet to your neck.
  2. Portable--from here, to everywhere.
  3. Durable--for life!
  4. Beautiful--in form, and function.