REHA Tools: IASTM with IQ

The Perfect Combo

Whether it be the tough areas of the hands, feet, or the delicate spaces along the spine and ribs, REHA tools are a great addition to any clinician’s tool belt


Reha Set Combo


Combine benefits of both Reha Pointer and Reha Pen to maximize your IASTM treatment!

The REHA Pointer round tip goes everywhere and treats everything. This IASTM advancement allows free flowing movement over the entire body, reaching places traditional IASTM has not been able to effectively do.

  • Deep into Paraspinals
  • Along the ribs
  • Under and around tendons
  • Within hand musculature

The REHA Pointer allows for pin point clinical treatment to address:

  • Trigger points
  • Deep soft tissue
  • Acupuncture like stimulation



Looking to address the soft tissue from every direction? The PULSER is the tool for you. Designed with grooves and a weight that work into the tissues in a way no other way, the PULSER is the clinician’s tool for anyone loving the effects of IASTM for patients.