Anywhere, Any Direction, Any Body Part

The REHA PEN’s stainless steel tip has both precision and comfort, for both the patient and clinician. The heavy weight and balanced design offers IASTM onto every part of the body with minimal pressure needed to get the job done.

Focused Treatment

The REHA POINTER offers deep tissue and focused IASTM, whether it be over pressure points or to address chronically irritated tissue in small parts. Throughout Europe, clinicians commonly use this method for those who avoid acupuncture due to fear of needles. The pointed, yet rounded tip tool, focuses treatment where it is needed most.

The Perfect Combo

Whether it be the tough areas of the hands, feet, or the delicate spaces along the spine and ribs, REHA tools are a great addition to any clinician’s tool belt

IASTM for Hand Therapy

The REHA combination system allows for a new approach to hand therapy. Check out this video learn more.

“IASTM Meets Active Motion!”

Check out this video of the creator of REHA Tools combining his innovative IASTM solution with another product creation, PremiumGym, offering “Motion without Limits.”

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