Manage Force

Dynamic Tape acts like a bungee cord. Its 4 way stretching, viscoelastic properties reduce workload eccentrically and provide mechanical assistance concentrically.

Correct Movement Patterns

With so much research and talk about how tape is all about affecting “pain” Dynamic Tape launches forth with a whole new idea: change the way we move immediately!

Improve Function

Whether you treat athletes,
post surgical, worker’s comp, or just weekend warriors, Dynamic Tape fits the mission of enhancing the human experience through movement.

Ryan Kendrick, PT

Dynamic Tape Inventor

“I wasn’t set out to start a tape company. I wanted to manage load in athletes but the right products just didn’t exist.
I tried taping resistance bands to body parts and then try to stack weak recoiling tape. The idea to manage load was out there, just didn’t have the right product to get the job done.

My wife and I are both PTs. We both believed in this product so much we sold our house and went “all in.” We knew we were looking for a better product like this and over the past several years, now clinicians in 35 different countries are changing lives with Dynamic Tape.”

Safe Application and Removal

The New Category of Elastic Tape

Tattoos are Awesome…Ask Anyone

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The Biomechanical Taping System

Plantar Fascia – Pronation Control

Quad / ACL Extension Control

Throwing – After Release Control

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‘Proof is in the Pudding”

Dynamic Tape isn’t shy about showing how quickly it can change how the body functions. Just ask all these guys. All put Dynamic Tape to the test with their advanced technologies and quickly saw this product was in a league of its own.

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