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Interview with Boditrak, Mike Pech

Check out this Biomechankits interview with Mike Pech and Boditrak to learn how this game changing system allows to the clinician to “see” what their patient “feels”

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Why “guess” when technology is available for you to be make better decisions for your patients? Technology like Boditrak previously was fixed in the floor in research labs. Bring the lab to you!

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The perfect squat…with proof!

Something simple as a squat can be perfected with BodiTrak. Dynamic balance and singe leg jumps can be validated, providing proof to your treatment strategy.

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A Dynamic Approach to ACL Control

Teaming up with Boditrak and Dynamic Tape, we now can show changes in force production and control immediately. Check out this blog post showing both working together. 

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Optimize Golf Swing Transition

Steve Curry Maximizes His Ground Kinematics