This combo upper and lower cervical system uses patented spacing and ridges to work with the curvature of the neck while provide pin-point relief when the spine is stiff and painful.


Two different densities of Bakballs, Red and Black, provide each user the comfort to hit their tight spots just right. Treat everything from the spine to extremities, this versitile product works great all over the body.

Trigger Ball

For the rest of those aches, pains, and locked up parts trigger ball is the way to go. Whether it is a tight scapula, sore hamstring, or locked up calf after a long wrong, trigger ball gets everything missed by NeckRest and BakBalls.

David Beakley – Sports Physiotherapist – Australian Cricket team & National Cricket Centre

“I regularly recommend Bakballs as an effective way of self-mobilising the spine as an adjunct to exercise and manual physiotherapy techniques. Injuries to the spine are well documented in cricket fast bowlers and Bakballs are an integral part of maintaining spinal mobility as part of an injury prevention program.”

Mark Alexander, PT

Creator of the BakPhysio system of NeckRest, Bakballs, and Trigger Point, Mark has years of experience working with top notch athletes. He figured “why should only a few get top notch treatment?” So he created the at home solution to compliment stellar hands-on rehabilitative care.

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Ian Hurry, Massage Therapist WA

“I am a Massage Therapist specialising in deep tissue remedial massage. Unfortunately I cannot massage myself, and can’t always get in to see a friend who I swap with. The BakBalls and the Yellow Ball keep me going between massages. I find I am able to get a good deep workout in my QL’s and to a degree Psoas. I would be absolutely buggered without my BakBalls. Thanks for a great product.”

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Trigger Ball








Create your own   posture pack

The BakPhysio soft tissue treatment system addresses the spine from top to bottom. Match it with the strong recoiling, movement altering properties of Dynamic Tape’s Posture Pals and together you have the perfect Posture Pack.

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