Welcome to Biomechanikits?

As a physical therapist I was always searching for that ONE thing that was going to work with all my patients, the silver bullet that would benefit everyone and after years I figured out: “It just doesn’t exist.”

I became very skeptical of every sales person, product, and professional that said their way was the best, everything else was sub-par. I felt there needed to be a better way. So I created Biomechanikits.

Now, I seek out the most amazing products created by true innovators, creating an “All-Star” line up of treatment solutions. In fact, many of the products are created by practicing clinicians! Where other distributors have a giant booklet with 20,000 different products, Biomechanikits searches for those true gems that make a difference in the clinic and at home for patients.

-Keith J. Cronin, DPT, founder

Biomechanikits Clinical Membership

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Biomechanikits Clinical Wholesale Program

For clinics that also sell product, we a deal for you! Sign up for the membership as normal and send us your Resale Certificate / Tax License so you have you on file. We will send you a coupon code and every time you spend $500 or more, save AN ADDITIONAL 15% OFF.

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Why do these types of technology and tools have in common?

All these different products and technologies work together to treat the body from a Mechanical approach to rehab. Each are involved in:

  • Reducing force / workload
  • Enhancing soft tissue extensibility
  • Improving neural gliding
  • Altering movement patterns
  • Assessing objective data
  • Restoring normalized function

They are designed with a particular purpose but when used together, become very powerful means of restoring human function. With the right Education, a clinician becomes the “swiss army knife” of rehabilitation.

Education Courses and Consulting

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Have an innovative product that fits with a mechanical approach to rehab? Interested in consulting services for sales reps on selling into the rehab space?

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All products on the Biomechanikits site are the “Best of the Best.” You will see there are not thousands of products to choose from. I have done the leg work to find the best combination, all of which make the final “Biomechani-cut.”

“Biomechanikit” Product Standards

No product hits all the product categories but they all have similar qualities.

Created by top Clinicians
Innovative Design
Light Weight / Portability
Quality Manufacturing
Education Driven
Easy to Use
“Game-Changing” Innovation