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Stellar treatment starts with a foundation of knowledge and experience. Biomechanikits is a distribution site for rehab products but first, it is focused on the “why.” Whether you are looking to purchase a new assessment tech system or learn about new products that may benefit your patients or clients, it starts with the knowledge of not only how these products are effective but more importantly “why” they exist in the first place.

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The products and education supported Biomechanikits is about being “the best.” Working directly with product innovators that are clinicians and leading educators in their respective fields, the collection seen on Biomechanikits is designed to be a “best of breed” approach to rehabilitation. Once you have an opportunity to learn more about each brand, you will see how everything works together to make a truly biomechanical approach to rehabilitation, highlighting the skills, experience, and passion of the clinicians using them.

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In a competitive healthcare environment, is your practice ready for anything?

Biomechanikits pairs a clinician’s skills and experience with products and tech to evaluate, progress, and reassess.

Here you will not only find the right tools but the right combination, perfect to make you a utility player in the world of rehab. When it comes to patient outcomes, Biomechanikits offers you the tools and training to make it happen.

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Aside from being quality products in clinic, many of the Biomechanikits selection are also sold at retail. Partnering directly with the innovators allows Biomechanikits to pass on the opportunity to you!

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What’s in your Biomechani”kit”?

With tens of thousands of rehab products out there and advancements changing rapidly, how do you find the best products for your patient care? Simple. Have a product lineup put together by a clinician. 



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Learn from the innovators

Why read through some watered down, online post about a rehab product or technology?
Here you have the opportunity to hear it straight from the innovators that moving rehab in a whole new direction.

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the evolution of rehab technology is here

Back in the day rehab technology was limited to the research lab and universities. Doesn’t do you a lot of good when you gear is bolted to the floor. At Biomechanikits we look for technology that is not only top quality but also portable, easy to use, and provides instant information needed to guide quality decisision making for your patients.

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